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Music: Work Songs

Music has a way of seeping into our bones in a way that words alone sometimes can’t do. The Album Work Songs by The Porter’s Gate Worship Project is a collection of songs that have such an impact. You can find more information about that album here: ‘Work Songs’: A new collection of hymns on […]

Who Am I?

Discovering our vocation takes time. And it doesn’t even start with what we do. It starts with who we are. It starts with our identity. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” —Dr. Howard Thurman […]

Business on Purpose

“I wanted to be a millionaire.” Is that the definition of success? How can we redefine success in business? How can we use our experience to make a difference in other people’s lives? Sometimes that looks like taking very small, but intentional steps. And sometimes, there are big steps to take and it involves starting […]

Living Like They Believe

“Living Like They Believe” is a four part YouTube series, telling the stories of 4 people who are living out their vocation. In this story, Anthony Suber, an artist, tells how his work transformed after he was baptized. Creating art is one way to tell a story. Suber compares his artistic process to that of […]

Debrief 6

Our final week (for now) of debriefing on our look into vocation. We’ve enjoyed this six week journey, and your participation with us! Stay tuned as we consider how/when to keep this conversation going.

Sermon 6

Our final week in this Lenten series, we consider two of the gifts Jesus gives to us as he sends us out to be people of shalom in the world.

Debrief 5

Our fifth week of looking back on Sunday’s sermon (what it means to walk together when we live out our vocation) and saying a few things we didn’t have time for (just how hard it can be to walk together). Join Chris and Teresa as they debrief the 5th sermon in the Branch’s 2021 lent […]

Sermon 5

Jesus sends out his disciples in pairs. This was not an accident. To be people of shalom – people who live out our vocation – we will need each other.

Sermon 4

Discerning our vocation can be aided by considering a unique intersection. Where does our deep gladness, the world’s deep hunger and the work of God’s Spirit intersect? We explore this together by looking at Luke 10 and the sending of the 70. Luke 10: After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of […]

Debrief 4

A quick look back at Sunday’s sermon and a discussion about a cycle that can all too easily show up when we try to live out our vocation. Join Chris and Teresa as they debrief the fourth of the Branch’s lenten sermon series on Vocation: