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Stories of Vocation – Janelle, Mike and family

Janelle and Mike share their story of discovery. In the last few years they’ve learned that part of their vocation is to ensure their children are participants in God’s renewal, learning about their passions and personality can be used to help bring about Shalom.

Made to Flourish

Common Good is a robust collection of resources (online articles and print) put out by Made to Flourish. We absolutely love some of their resources, and others we may not see eye to eye on — but that’s ok. We don’t have to agree with every word printed in order to say that the work […]

Stories of Vocation: Mindi Freng

Our fourth story highlights Mindi Freng’s journey. One thing that her story helps us see is that our vocation isn’t set and fixed, but is an evolving, shifting, growing part of who we are.

Stories of Vocation: Mindy Law

Our second story in a series of six is from Mindy Law. Mindy shares how her journey of vocation has included a growing understanding how she relates to others. But, as an enneagram 9, Mindy also has come to learn that vocation is not just outward facing, but also must include self-care.

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Stories of Vocation: Jason Kotarski

We’re incredibly grateful to be able to have six Branch folks share their stories of vocation. In this series you’ll hear how they have come to understand what vocation means and how it has impacted their lives. We hope these stories of discovery and disappointment, joy and growth, inspire you to explore and live into […]